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New Eligibility Calculations
The NCAA Eligibility Center calculates the grade-point average of a student’s core courses on a 4.000 scale.
(A=4; B=3; C=2; D=1)

To determine points earned for each course, multiply the numeric grade value (4, 3, 2 or 1) by the amount of credit earned. A semester is awarded .5 unit of credit and a trimester is awarded .34 unit of credit.

• The NCAA Eligibility Center does not use plus or minus grades when calculating core-course GPA. For example, grades of B+, B and B- will all be worth 3 quality points each.

• If your high school uses a numeric scale, the high school needs to provide a conversion to a letter grade and communicate that to the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Examples of total quality point calculation:
• An A grade (4 points) for a trimester course (0.34 units): 4 points x 0.34 units = 1.36 total quality points.
• An A grade (4 points) for a semester course (0.50 units): 4 points x 0.50 units = 2.00 total quality points.
• An A grade (4 points) for a full-year course (1.00 units): 4 points x 1.00 units = 4.00 quality points.

Calculate the Overall Grade-Point Average:
To calculate the estimated core-course grade-point average, divide the total number of points for all core courses by the total number of core-course units completed.

Note: The best grades from a student’s NCAA courses will be used to satisfy the core-course requirements.